At Beacon Electric we rely on team strength for our success. We know that we are only as strong as our people and that our teams can help build the success of our company.

Due to the nature of our multiple-faceted industry we are a structured matrix organization. We utilize continual interface between various departments. At the heart of Beacon’s structure we are a project manager driven organization. The project manager has complete responsibility, as well as decision making authority for his or her particular project. They often take a project from budget to conception design, and finally turn it into a finished project. Additional support required is rendered via the purchasing, administrative engineering and estimating departments.

Our field superintendent, possesses total authority when it comes to field issues and directs our field labor. Each major project is assigned to a full time job superintendent who is active on the project from start to finish. The coordination and communication between our project manger, company superintendent, and job superintendent give us a strong team that delivers the necessary manpower and information to complete efficient and quality installations.

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